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Apps for Birders, by Birders: BirdLogBirdsEye, & BirdsEye Hotspots

BirdsEye regional icons

The New BirdsEye

Find Birds Nearby and Around the World!

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Check out the BirdsEye NA Demo Video.

BirdsEye is the only mobile app for helping you find birds worldwide and uses eBird data which allows you to:

✔   See which bird species are being seen in you immediate vacinity using your phone's GPS and data on sighting reported to eBird for the date and locale.
✔  Monthly abundance graphs indicate which birds are most likely to be seen in your area.
✔   BirdsEye NA is only app to include all extant species recorded in the ABA area , plus many exotics, for a total of 1044 species (including the most recent addition to NA, Common Redstart!)
✔  Find Birding Hotspots Nearby
✔   Locate unusual birds in the Notable sightings section.
✔   Sync with your eBird life lists and know what new birds are in your area. Working on a Big Year, or even a little year, BirdsEye "Needs" can help you fill in the gaps. Easily filters for only those birds in your area that aren't already on your list.
✔   Connect to Wikipedia and Flickr from within BirdsEye for more information on your sightings
✔   Most birds have photos and sound recordings of songs and calls - new images and sounds are being added nearly every day!!

The New BirdsEye is designed for crystal-clear use on iPhone, iPod Touch (iOS 6.0 and above).  Support for Android mobile devices is coming soon!

BirdsEye NA Demo Video showing bar charts.


BirdsEye Hotspots

Worldwide hotspot finding

BirdsEye Hotspots is a simple tool for birders. It makes it quick and easy to find nearby hotspots so you can quickly get there and start birding!

  • Get driving, walking and transit directions to any hotspot worldwide in your favorite apps. Hotspots currently works with many of the popular map and navigation apps.
  • Link directly to the new BirdsEye app to view local abundance charts of the birds found at each hotspot. (requires the new BirdsEye North America)
  • Sunrise and sunset times so you always know how much more daylight you have left to twitch that rarity.
  • Weather conditions and forecasts for every hotspot

Currently for iPhone, iPad, and the iPod Touch. 
Learn More...

BirdLog: eBird data entry on the fly for iPhone and Android

Enter bird sightings into eBird where & when you need it ... in the field!  BirdLog is the exclusive mobile data entry tool for eBird.  

Check out the BirdLog demo video!

  • BirdLog is available for both iPhone and Android
  • Keeps a running tally of how many of each species you’ve seen
  • Available in North American, Worldwide &  Regional versions!
  • Create lists even when there is no cell coverage
  • Quick Entry bar makes data entry fast and easy
  • Plot the exact location of your sightings using your phone's GPS

(All prices are in US dollars, prices elsewhere vary based on currency.)

North America: APPLE iOS - $9.99 ANDROID - $9.99
Worldwide: APPLE iOS - $19.99 ANDROID - $19.99
Australia & New Zealand: APPLE iOS - $9.99 ANDROID - $9.99
Mexico, Caribbean and Central America: APPLE iOS - $9.99 ANDROID - $9.99
South America: APPLE iOS - $9.99
ANDROID - $9.99
UK and Europe: APPLE iOS - $9.99 ANDROID - $9.99


BirdLog on iPhone 4S

Supported Platforms 

BirdsEye NA and other regional versions are optimized for use with iPhone, and iPod Touch Platforms (a native iPad version is in the works), while BirdLog is available for Android, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.  Pulling in fresh data on bird sightings from Cornell’s eBird database requires internet access, either via cell phone or wireless connection. iPod touch users can use the full services of BirdsEye to plan birding expeditions while connected wirelessly. Stored data, sound, photographs and text are always available, even away from a cell phone connection.

Cornell Lab LogoBirdsEye is Powered by eBird
Our mission is to support bird conservation and science through the eBird project.  In addition to making apps that support and promote eBird, we also contribute a fraction of all of our sales to the Cornell Lab or Ornithology to provide financial support for eBird.

eBird at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology pulls in several million bird observations each month. These observations are added by thousands of birders and reviewed by local birding experts – making BirdsEye the most accurate, comprehensive bird location mobile application. 



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